what a day

tubes arrived today from Bringheli...very exciting to see this stuff in real life. the walls are thinner than i had imagined.
he was out of double-bent CSs and steerers, so i took a single-bent and i'll get the steerer from H. James. toal $83 with shipping.
the tubes came with a Dedacciai sticker, in Italian of course.

also my first race is tomorrow, so i spent the day race-equipping my bike, with 700x28s in place of 35s, 15t freewheel, new adjustable stem, and a new saddle. popped a tube, had to patch it 3 times to get all the leaks out.
it's an alley cat race...sounds crazy, should be a trip.

looking for repair and build tools, like a repair stand and a truing stand.

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