Been Standing on the Corner of 5th and Vermouth

I went down to the local watering hole in the wee hours to get quarters for laundry.
I saw police lights outside while waiting at the bar, so when I walked out I looked around and saw a cop pulling over either:

A) Chrysler's last-ditch effort at the electric car


B) a golf cart with weather flaps

Upon closer inspection it turned out to be B. Three young men were crammed inside. From the way they were pulled over it was clear they'd been "driving" on Harrison St. As I walked by, the cop and the guy in the driver's seat were going around and around:

cop: I can tell you've been drinking. Don't lie to me now.

"driver": Naw, man, c'mon, I'm telling you, I ain't been drinkin, man...listen, I had A drink, but I'm good man, I'm tellin' you, I'm good, listen!

cop: Look, I know you've been drinking.

et cetera

His two buddies in the back seat were looking around like, "Oh. Shit. This was a really bad idea."

So, you decided to go joy-riding on city streets in a golf cart with weather flaps at 1 am. And you probably stole the golf cart.
Fine. Everyone's been there at some point. Sucks you got caught.

But now you claim you were not drunk when you hatched this plan?
Good day, sir. Good day.

Summer Volunteering Vacation

For 6 weeks this summer I'll be volunteering for AIDG in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

I'll be creating documentation for the Pelton wheel micro-hydroelectric generator that their incubated business XelaTeco designed, built, and installed. The documentation I work on will be published on the internets for other NGOs to use and improve upon (open-source, yo).

So I'll be MIA from the end of June to the beginning of August, and then I'll be graduating.

I'm reading Bitter Fruit to prepare. Before Iran and Iraq, Guatemala was the US' first experiment in ousting a supposedly-threatening leader.

Fun fact:
Apparently, in order to be president of Guatemala in the 40s/50s, your last name had to begin with "Ar": Arevalo, Arbenz, Armas, probably not in that order. Two of these guys had the other one killed, but as to which was which, I wasn't paying enough attention.