cut list

these are based on my own AutoCAD drawings, and differ from the BG101 numbers by a couple mm here and there, even after all the tweaking with it i could stand.
the first cut is the steerer length, likely tomorrow evening.
i did a dropout braze today into a scrap fork blade with 56% silver, went quite well. did some destructive testing with a big cheater bar. the dropout bent rather easily, although some small cracks eventually formed on the sides, on the chain side and the opposite.

[in mm]

max headset stack 40
HT length 163.20
crown height 18.5
=221.70 of 240

fork blades (along steerer axis)
axle-crown bottom 370.62
axle-crown top 389.12

head tube
overall 163.20
DT hole, center from HT bottom 23.20
TT hole, center from HT top 35.00
between holes c-c 105.00
between TT/DT edges 72.00
to TT top edge 20.00
to DT bottom edge 5.00

top tube
c-c 562.56
top edge 531.10
bottom edge 530.77
front miter to 31.7 @ 74°
back miter to 28.6 @ 74.5°

down tube
c-c 628.86
bottom edge 594.35
top edge w/o ST miter 612.52
top edge w/ ST miter 593.83
front miter to 31.7 @ 60.19°
back miter to 34.79 @ 90°

seat tube (to TT top)
c-t 570.09
back edge 560.19
front edge w/o DT miter 560.17
front edge w/ DT miter 543.34
bottom miter to 34.79 @ 90°
secondary miter to 31.7 @ 59.69°

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