birth of a fork, breaking ground on a frameset

the fork is begun. the 1st real braze went well.

crown is an R. Sachs Newvex, brass brazed to a True Temper Verus 1" threaded steerer.

i used my biggest tip for brazing and got the flame pretty hot (for brazing at least) to get the crown hot enough. it was a pretty long braze, but not an especially hard one. i brazed it upsde-down, flowing brass from the crown bottom to the race. the trickiest part was pulling brass down the sides, i.e. heating up the area around the blade sockets, where there's lots of mass and it's hard to directly heat the desired area. i heated up the adjacent areas, sent the flame into the steerer, and eventually the heat conducted itself to where it needed to go. the brass flowed. and it was good.

i got the flux off with a quick dip in boiling water, provided by the photo dept.'s hot pot. that worked wonders on what would've otherwise been a long, arduous job. i think i overheated a little because the flux was baked on and looked really glassy, almost like enamel.

the joint is now almost completely cleaned up, so photos at this point are kinda unfair. after cleanup i spent a few hours trimming my blades and test-fitting everything in the fork jig. i was tired and got over-zealous in trimming, so i'll need to increase the bend slightly, to make up a ~1/4" between blade tip and dropout ledge.

this is the front, right? i've never installed anything but cantis.

at top middle here you can see a little gap in the brass. i went back later and filled this, as well as a couple other little voids.

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