shop space requirements

as i've gotten more and more into metalworking and such, i've thought increasingly about the logistics of putting together a serious shop space. what would i need to look for in a space that would allow me to do everything i want to in it?

coincidentally, the shop i'm working in at Smithsonian is slated to move sometime in the next couple years. since they have a lot of the capabilities that i'd be looking for, i looked at their requirements and compiled them into the following. they're moving shops, offices, graphics areas, even a lunch room, so i was able to compare their shop needs with the others as a guideline.

floor load capacity:
office: 100 lbs/sq. ft.
machine room: 250-300 lbs/sq. ft.

office: 8 ft.
shop: 14-15 ft.

machine room: 50 amp 220v 3-phase
paint area: 40 amp 220v, explosion-proof

1,000 lb hoist
compressed air lines
utility and eyewash sinks

the lighting and room finish for shop space is listed as "light industrial shop standard," whatever that means.

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