Le Cirque du Cyclisme

As Chris K mentioned, this year's Cirque du Cyclisme is being held June 6-8 in Leesburg, VA, only a couple hours' drive from here.

This promises to be the vintage bike event of the year...which sounds either really awesome (as it does to you and I) or infinitely dull (as it does to my family).

Alas, I can only afford to attend Sunday's swap meet. Extensive framebuilding coverage is planned.

I look forward to meeting/worshiping/chatting with:

Andy Stewart
Peter Weigle
Daves Wages of Ellis Cycles
Richard Sachs
Chris K of Velo Orange
Scott Clark from the i-BOB email list
Jamie Swan of Centerport Cycles
Drew Guldalian of Wissahickon Cyclery (retail bike shop) and Engin Cycles (frame shop)
Charles Lathe of Coho Bicycles
Elton Pope-Lance of Harris Cyclery
Joseph Ahearne of Ahearne Cycles
Mitch Pryor of MAP Cycles
Brian Baylis
Matt Klucha of MSH1
Mark Nobilette
Mauricio Rebolledo
The Bilenky Cycle Works gang
Joe Bringheli
Johnny Coast

[Update: expanded to include this list]

Who am I missing?

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Jim Kish said...

Mauricio Rebelledo will be there