Brain Dump: Summertime Nocturnal Edition

...With the Richmond Weather Terror Alert Level at Orange (((Dangerously Muggy))), and only evening classes remaining in the summer schedule, our subject has entered a nocturnal period, characterized by sleeping during the day and working at night...
Current projects:

- Getting Windows running on my Mac with vmWare Fusion...

- ...So I can use free AutoCAD and Inventor software to finish drafting class projects:
  1. A 3D rendering of an office
  2. An animated, exploded 3D model of a Bringheli fork jig (YouTube upload soon)
- Finishing the recent move into a new Fan District apartment: plenty of around-the house installation/repair/fabrication work. The filthy basement is being made over as a shop. Slowly. Pics to come.

- Continuing a haphazard review of books found in the Whole Earth Catalog. Recommended so far:
Colonial Living and Frontier Living
by Edwin Tunis
Thorough, interesting, plainly-written surveys of everyday life and industry in other times. The author really knows this stuff. He has a unique sense of humor that comes through every few pages.

Jigs and Fixtures for Limited Production
by Harold Sedlik
A thin book written with an Orwellian sense of economy and brevity. I sense the intended reader is a tool engineer at a large American factory in the 60s, but the information is valuable to other uses, even around the house.

Human Engineering Guide for Equipment Designers
by W E Woodson and D W Conover
Your tax dollars at work. There is an astonishing amount of useful data in here for anyone who wants to make something that people will use. Some pure data about people; some recommendations from experience. Somebody had to go to a lot of effort to collect all this information. Geared toward NASA and the military but applicable elsewhere.
Bicycle related: There are body dimension charts on pages 5-17 and 5-19 that one could use in comparing dimensions for frame fit.

- Creating a presentation on green manufacturing for a class on workplace communication. This is done actually, but now I need to find a way to port the .ppt into a web-friendly format.

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