Rant/Rave: Online TV ads


I've been watching the TV series Lost via abc.com (highly recommended, but addictive). They have these online ads in between acts of the show. One of them if for Discover card and goes something like this:

"We're a nation of consumers... And there's nothing wrong with that..."

And then it goes on about how we should all get Discover cards so we can be better consumers, manage our debt better, etc.

The thing is...there's a lot wrong with that.


Also, seriously, people, if you're going to pay for ad time on an online TV show, have the decency not to run the same annoying ad over and over. It makes me hate you.

I'm looking at you, Pfizer, with your fybromyalgia medicines. And you, Blackberry, with your catchy but repetitive jingle-video.

The best ad series, which rarely comes on, was from Epson. They were 30-second spots interspersed throughout the episode, each different but all showing a couple talking about printers in a funny way.

This was great. This made me like Epson. Please be like Epson, everybody.

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