On the way home from work tonight

Me: [biking down Grace St., commute speed, nothin' fancy]

Richmond Police Dept: [buzzes past me in his SUV, no flashers, hurrying to wait at a red light]

Me: [approaching the red light, slowing, seeing nobody coming, breezing through the intersection past the RPD]

RPD: [runs the red, drives up alongside me, stays there, no lights on, no attempt to interact with me]

Me: [alternately looking in front of me, looking at him, trying to discern his intent without crashing, rolling down the hill, passing him, not braking for him (still no reds-&-blues)]

RPD: [speeding up to catch me, rolling down his window finally] "I could give you a reckless driving for running a red light like you did back there."

Me: "Are you stopping me?"

RPD: "No, I'm just telling you that's a reckless driving."

Me: "Uh...OK" [continuing ride home]

Whose actions were more reckless?


Christopher Johnson said...

Don't worry, he's a highly-trained professional...:)

The Cookie Cutter Kid said...

Come on... we all know you were really running lights throwing knifes at cars. No more lies! Damn ninjas.

Wreck said...

Treat lights like stop signs and treat stop signs like yield signs I say.