DKG: custom machining

i saw a reference to this place on the i-Bob list, and i feel compelled to mention it here.
their website isn't fully functional, but even so, i keep thinking while i read through it, "this is the kind of place i want to run one day." they don't really specialize in one area, likes bikes or mechanical parts or musical instruments. they've worked with all kinds of things, so they know a lot about a lot of stuff, so whatever you need made they can figure out a way to do it. this is the way i work...i don't know everything about one thing, i know some about lots of things.
the words remind me of Zen: "...we are passionate about quality design...[emphasis mine]"--that's everything that needs to be said about that, right? beyond that, it's a matter of seeing their work, which i can hardly wait to do.
i don't even remember the topic of the post...maybe it was brakes?

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