Notes from Yvon Chouinard's talk

From this video here by the founder of Patagonia

- Be product-driven. Make the best product possible. Don't mess around.
- Flex-time for employees. Hire good people, let them do their thing when they want to, but make sure things get done.
- Blur the distinction between work, play, and family. Employees shouldn't be disappearing from home for 8 hours a day every day. Be surrounded by friends. Teach passionate people business, rather than trying to instill passion in businesspeople.
* Influenced by Japanese management style...very different from American
- Something is complete not when you can't add anything to it, but when you can't take anything away.
- Cause no unnecessary harm. Manufacturing, and everything beyond hunting & gathering, causes waste, but make efforts to minimize it.
- Climbing Yosemite: at the top, there's nothing. The big accomplishment was the climb to get there. Focus on the process.

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