Other Blogs to Read When I'm Busy

Classes start tomorrow (er, today) here at Virginia Commonwealth U in Richmond.

Since my academic duties may soon preclude me from posting with the regularity to which you have become accustomed, please see the following:

Awkward Things I Say to Girls is so on point it's scary. Someone actually writes down all the awkwardness?
An Unfortunate Series of Events is a local blog, partly about cycling, not at all about happy endings.
Reading Lifehacker for one day will make you realize how unproductive most of your life is, and then teach you how to change that.
Bike Snob NYC takes on the fixie culture set with unmatched impunity:
It drives me crazy when people talk about the special skills you need to ride a fixed gear. (Uh, it's the same as riding a regular bike except your feet keep moving.) At the same time, though, there is more to riding a fixed gear (or any bike) than following what seem to be the Three Commandments of Fixed Gear Riding: 1) Thou Shalt Have Thine Keys Exposed At All Times; 2) Thou Shalt Not Tape Thine Bars; and 3) A Helmet's Okay, But A Brake Is Gay.

For those following the industrial engineering segment of our program:

Lean Blog covers lean manufacturing techniques (which are modern evolutions of Taylor's ideas) far better than I can.
ShopFloor, the blog of the National Association of Manufacturers, covers, y'know, American manufacturing with a political bent.

The tool of choice for keeping track of all these blogs (and, of course, this one):
Google Reader.

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Mark Graban said...

Thanks for the shout out! Keep in mind that "Lean" really looks at the human element in a much different way than the old Taylor approach. Taylor wanted workers to "check their brains at the door," while Lean encourages everyone to use their brains to drive the improvement of the system.