jig backboard w/pics

these photos kinda suck 'cuz i took them with a cheap camera...after the jig is finished i'll go to it with the 20D and do it up right.
this is just the backboard with the full-size plot spray-adhesived on (after an unsuccessful 1st attempt with Elmer's..bad idea). clamping blocks are to be glued next, then screwed in from the back.
unlike Talbot, i plan to only use this for pinning it all together, then free braze in a repair stand. i made the cutouts for the lugs with this in mind, trying to strike a balance between space for a drill to pin and space for as much clamping block for best alignment.
i used a circular saw for the straight cuts and a thin jigsaw blade for the curvy parts. went a lot more smoothly than anything else has so far, other than having to get a new circ saw blade.

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