the long tail of bikes

I'm currently reading an excellent book by Chris Anderson, editor of Wired. It's about how the economy is increasingly based not on blockbuster hits but on an enormous number of niche markets, each serving a small community but adding up to some big numbers. It also talks a lot about the act of blogging as a catalyst to this increase in niche sales, so in keeping with the spirit, I offer this link to the Long Tail website.
In the part I'm reading now, Anderson discusses great examples of businesses and groups that operate in the Long Tail: Wikipedia, Amazon, Alibris, SETI@home, and all manner of feel-good internet stuff.
So naturally I've got to consider the Long Tail of Bikes. But I haven't fully considered it yet, so I don't want to write about it. In the meantime, Velo Orange has released preliminary specs for their semi-custom randonneur.