mandrel v2 pics

A little more about this thing:
the pics should hopefully be a good supplement to the text of the previous post on how to make one of these. i also added anothe rlittle flourish during the final filing of the groove. at the tight end (~7 to ~9" radii) the groove is decidedly semicicular to fit the 12.5 mm end of the blade...then it gradually becomes a wider and more V-shaped groove starting a little left of center, so by the time it reaches 12" radius it's able to fit the 20 mm width of the blade near it top.
Just for looks i sanded the surface of the groove up to 220 grit and waxed the whole thing.
If you're interested in buying something like this we should talk. It's not something I'd want to do for a living, but I've got the procedure down pat now.