dummy axle plan

i'm going to try to make this over the next week's lunch breaks. hopefully it will alleviate the flexiness inherent in using allthread in my rear triangle jig.
this is designed for 135 mm between inside dropout faces, allowing for a couple mm of contraction to 133 mm, good for both road and mountain hubs. yes, i copied the idea from Surly.
it's also designed to be incorporated into a future jig of a different design. that's what the milled flats and the 2 bolts in the middle are for--securing the dummy axle to something sticking up from the bottom.
the thing is so long because it needs to go through the rectangular alu on one or both sides of the BB.

any thoughts?

can i make this thing play nice with another jig, like a Henry James, Bringheli, or Anvil?

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