From "The Whole Earth Epilog": Books of Interest

Seeds, Spades, Hearths, and Herds by Carl O. Sauer
Planning for an Individual Water System, Am. Assoc. for Vocational Instructional Mat'ls
AAVIM has many others lised, including:
Selecting and Storing Fuels and Lubricants
Small Engines, Vols. I and II
Ball & Roller Bearings

Practical Farm Buildings, James S. Boyd
Good Food Naturally, John B. Harrison
The Apartment Gardener, Florence and Stanley Dworkin
Raise Vegetables Without a Garden, George and Katy Abraham
Shelter, Shelter pubs.
Architecture for the Poor, Hassan Fathy
Shelter in Africa, Paul Oliver
Master Builders of the Middle Ages, David Jacobs
The Elements of Structure, W. Morgan

Craftsmen of Necessity, Christofer and Charlotte Williams
Country Craft Tools, Percy W. Blandford
China at Work, Rudolf P. Hommel
The Sensuous Gadgeteer, Bill Abler
Making Do, Arthur M. Hill
The Foxfire Book, Eliot Wigginton
Crafts of the North American Indian, Richard C. Schneider
The Making of Tools, Alexander G. Weygers
Mountain People, Mountain Crafts; Elinor Lander Horwitz

Living Poor with Style, Ernest Callenbach
Climate Control for Low Income Housing
Putting Food By, Ruth Hertzberg, B. Vaughn, J. Greene
How to Cook and Eat in Chinese, Buwei Yang Chao
Good Cheap Food, Mirian Ungerer

Some Men are More Perfect Than Others, Merle Shain

Science and Civilization in China

Riding the Rails, Michael Mathers
The People's Guide to Mexico, Carl Franz
The Tool Book: A Peoples Car Repair Manual
The Complete Motorcycle Nomad, Roger Lovin
Roll Your Own, Pallidini & Dubin

Diet for a Small Planet, Lappé
Handmade, Langsner
600 More Things to Make, Cook and Phipps

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Gary Fisher and I reviewed bike books for The Next Whole Earth Catalog (1980).