The Home Stretch

We're gonna go ahead and turn on the seatbelt sign for a few minutes, folks. Looks like we're in personal blog mode for a while.
Today begins my senior year of college. I plan to have a real-life college degree in about 9 months.

These last two semesters will hopefully be filled with the most interesting work I've ever done.

I have been thinking about the idea of studying technology lately. I have been reading a lot of old books in the short break between summer and fall. Workbenches, Chinese blast furnaces, blacksmithing. There's so much cool old stuff out there. It makes the cool new stuff somehow even cooler. It also has given me a renewed appreciation for how hard things were for so long, like when I read about how a log cabin is built.*

This seems so important right now--to study the history of technology, and by extension the people & societies that created it. I am feeling more kinship with my more-traditionally-academic friends, who are pursuing Masters' in Biology, Sociology, and the like. I am not studying people in groups; I am studying technology, and that suits me.

At the same time, I'm still feeling the pull towards the shop. Any shop, at this point. The good news is that I got a call tonight informing me of a job that may be available for the semester in a machine shop on campus.

* It takes an enormous amount of work, but it's hard to summarize beyond that.

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