More on Green Industry

I have expanded upon the earlier paper on green manufacturing, which was itself an introduction to a larger group project on that subject.

The topic now includes many other industrial sectors, so I renamed it accordingly.

The assignment was to write a well-researched paper on a subject of my choosing. I wrote it as a broad overview of the subject, like a white paper or a report for someone who wanted the "view from 10,000 ft."

Let's try this in Google Docs format, since there's a lot of footnotes and such:

Green Industry: A Contradiction
by Ethan Labowitz


Cory said...

Ethan, I read your paper and think it's pretty cool!
I'm trying to get "the day job" to think a bit greener as well.
I'm not as well read on the topic as you, but dealing with it on the end you write about...
or at least trying to learn more about it, and "do my part" to help make changes where I can.
have you read "cradle to cradle"?
add it to your list.
peace, out.

Ethan said...

Thanks, Cory. I had some similar struggles when I worked for a machine shop.

Thanks for reminding me about "Cradle to Cradle"...gotta buy a copy ASAP. It's been recommended to me by a few others who have read this paper.