front end dimensions

in mm; made with Chinese 6" Vernier calipers from Enco

Long Shen 60° oversized long point bottom head lug
lower intercept (distance along interior surface from headset face to bottom of DT socket): 5

Sachs Newvex crown
after filing to remove casting texture
max. clearance between stiffener supports: 44.1
brake hole center to crown bottom: 11.1
crown height: 18.5

Long Shen stainless double-eyelet plug-in front dropout (left measured)
as cast
*OD of plug: 12.8
OD of lip: 14.0
lip to lower eyelet center: 10.7
*lip to closest edge of axle slot: 17.9
*lip to axle center: ~23.5
eyelet c-c: 27.2

True Temper VERUSFB1 blades
as drawn
top OD, long ways: 27.8
top OD, short ways: 20
bottom OD: 12.5
bottom ID: 10.6
top to start of taper: ~110

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