be sure to see Sacha White's contribution: his wrists inked with the Vanilla headbadge design
i'd link directly but it's a slick Flash gallery. there's also a badass Joker leg tat.

i'm moving to a new apartment in DC this weekend, so it'll be a bit before i'm on-line there.
also the school shops are closed this weekend, and i have a paper due monday, so the bike has to move to the back of the bus for a little while.

the good news is that the front triangle jig is coming along nicely. last week i finished cutting and drilling all the angle iron that will act as clamping blocks, so this week the big job is to clamp those pieces to the backboard, drill holes into it through the existing ones, then run bolts through and tighten it all down. the tricky part i forsee is lining the angle iron up and clamping it down in perfect alignment with the lines on the drawing. once this step is complete, the front triangle dimensions are set in stone, so i may wait until i finish the AutoCAD drawing i'm doing.

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