new fork jig

after reading Chauncey's comment (see 2 posts down) and drawing up some basic plans, i've decided i'll re-do the fork jig. the new one will use 2 short lengths of angle iron to hold the dummy axle. the angle iron will rest on top of a maple spacing block, equal in height to the desired rake minus a set amount. thus the jig will be re-usable for different rake amounts by making a new spacer block. the maple will come from some scrap from stairs that my grandfather is having made. all this is kinda hard to describe with just words, but i'll be working on it over the next week and post photos after it's done. the first step will be to remove the 2x4 that's glued to the backboard so i can re-use it, first with a table saw and then with a planer to flatten it again.

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