anonymous is right

forgive me, i'm a math dork.
price per psi is the kind of statistic i get off on.
i really almost certainly won't ever need the strength offered by most, maybe all, of the tubing i've mentioned here.
the think i worry about, because, again, i get off on worrying about shit like this, is: What if something like what happened to Little Fish happens to me?
That's the worst-case-scenario part of my brain talking, which is probably next to the mildly insane part of me that has decided to undertake this project.
The fact is, Trek, Surly, Rivendell, even Sachs and Vanilla--all of these are fine sources for a touring bike. I could have decided to work hard, save my money, and buy a frame from one of them.
But I didn't, no, I want one of my own. I want one I made, from start to finish.
And if I'm going to all that trouble, I'm going to make one hell of a frame. Why fuck around?
So while I appreciate the opinions and the experience of the people who came before me, I'll do my own research. I'l find out for myself. I'll fuck up a lot, but I'm okay with that.
And I'll take all the help I can get, so thanks anonymous.
It'd sure be cool if you mentioned your name, though. Really, why not? This is mostly here so I always have access to my notes.

I should add I wrote the last post around 3 yesterday morning, after not enough sleep and too much time researching arcane shit. Now I'm looking over the 1st 55 pages of Designing and building your own frameset by Richard P. Talbot, which I copied at Library of Congress today.

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Sam Hall said...

First off, thanks for the blog. I'm just starting out and I appreciate being able to see how others approach framebuilding.

I certainly respect your approach to cost vs strength (its way more math than I'm willing to do)and I thought your conclusions were very interesting and informative.

The Little Fish break wasn't due to material weakness, however, it was a joining issue.