tube pricing, strength

I've begun to select and price 2 competing tubesets: Reynolds 631 and
Columbus Zona. Leaning towards Zona at the moment.
Columbus' distributor in the U.S. is Nova, which will sell me the 3
main triangle tubes for $55.98, plus tax, shipping, etc. This price
is based on standard-size TT and ST, and OS (31.7mm) DT.
Waiting on a quote from Fairing, Reynolds' U.S. distributor.

Reynolds is frustrating because their catalog/data sheet doesn't list
a lot of things that Columbus does, like tube weight and how much can
be cut off. It looks like Zona has a higher UTS than 631; not sure
exactly what that means, but I think Zona is a little stronger. 631
UTS: 800-900. Zona: RM=950-1050 MPa.

Another option would be Reynolds 853, with a UTS of 1250-1400,
considerably higher than Zona.

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