old bike geometries

pulled from the bikelist.org archives:

R Sachs #5365 '81(?)
st 55.5
st angle 74
tt 55.5
ht angle 74
chainstay 41.5
wheelbase 100
rake 5.5

R&E Rodriguez #430 Touring 80's
st 53.2 c-c
st angle 72.5
tt 54
ht angle 70
chain stay 46
wheelbase 104.5
Rake 5.2

frame design:
my thinking currently is something along the lines of the Rivendell
Atlantis...that's certainly my dream bike du jour. but i want 700c
wheels, not the 26" they put on their 55cm.
i've read that the Atlantis is pretty close to the old peugeots, like
the UO-8 i rode every day this summer.

what i liked about the UO-8 was how it felt ready for both a casual
ride and a hard sprint. i used to take it out after work (waiting
tables, so like 1-2 am) just to unwind, relax, explore the
neighborhood. but i also used it to get to work nearly every day, and
i was usually running late, so that meant riding hard and fast. the
thing was a beast. it was old and beat-up but felt like it had
decades of service left in it.

i thought it was a little slow for me. it was definitely heavy.
compared to the Bianchi San José i have now, it didn't feel as nimble.
the Bianchi is way better at dodging potholes, jumping over shit, and
bounding over rocks and curbs.

so a combination of these, and a boatload of braze-ons. inspired by a
style of bike that hasn't been made in 20-30 years, but taking
advantage of all the advancements that have happened since then.

i've been looking all over for listings of old bike geometries. think
i might just resort to an email to the Classic Rendezvous list.

i've also been wokring over the past week on an Excel speadsheet with
geometry and trail data for loads of bikes, to use as a reference and
guide in designing this frame. i'll host it and post it soon.

also thinking about what to put on this thing...what to call it, what
name to put on it.
i'm pretty sure i'll stay away from my last name, Labowitz, as it's a
little clunky.
maybe my first and middle names: Ethan James
or my 3rd name: Rounsevell
i kinda like that the best. sorta like Rivendell.
i'd also thought about a logo of 50 done like in italics and with
lines to make it look like it's going fast.

i'm thinking i'll powdercoat the frame, probably with a custom decal
from http://www.vcgraphix.com/
need to price that.

on the topics of geometry and trail:

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