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i'm into the idea of making a bike pretty similiar to the Rivendell Atlantis, but cheaper and more custom-fitted. apparently the Atlantis' design mimics pretty closely some old-school sport-tourer designs, which have influenced me greatly in my short cycling career.
i had thought originally that i'd just buy lugs to fit the geometry i wanted--72° lugs if i wanted 72° tube angles. then i found that i was looking for 72° lugs but most were 73° or so. so i figured i'd just stick with the limited selection of 72° lugs, which would have to come from Taiwan by way of England and not be especially high-quality.
now, after reading
i realize i can do just what the author describes--use lugs not designed for what i'm doing. genius!
also, it's easier (i've read) for a lug to be bent to increase its nominal angle than to decrease it.
so 73°/73° lugs (the most common angles i've seen) could pretty easily be used to make a 72°/72° frame, with a roughly 2° sloping top tube. makes sense to me, and that's about the TT slope the Atlantis has.
as usual, i went from plan A to plan B to plan A.

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