ceeway lugs

since i'm considering some more laid-back geometry than the HJ lugs
can provide, i'm looking for other options. i'd like to avoid bending
investment cast lugs, since it sounds like a big pain (hard to do,
takes time, hard to get the angles perfect i'd think). also ceeway
lugs will probably be cheaper.
and if i end up buying lugs from ceeway, i might just get dropouts and
braze-ons from them too, although i'll have to look at shipping costs.
the LS 200 series are medium-point, part oversize, and come in a
couple attractive angles. 71• & 72• HT, 72• & 73.3• ST, 61• & 62• DT
also the saba 51 series. 72• HT, 72.3• ST, 60• DT

looking for a way to get geometry specs for old 70s bikes i've
ridden...specifically Peugeot UO-8 and Raleigh Gand Prix.

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Anonymous said...

I read a post on FrameForum today (by Richard Sachs) that said the lug doesn't dictate the angle, the mitre and the jig do. Here's the link, love the site (I'm in the same boat as you right now).