brass/silver filling

Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 10:24:26 +1000
From: Geoff Duke
Subject: Re: [Frame] Tubing recommendations ...

I second Omar on this.I read Tim's book before I logged onto this list.I
used silver on the dropouts for my first frame and forks and have done so
on all 7 of the frames I have built since; in the manner that Omar has
described.It can be done,
Geoff Duke

At 05:25 PM 4/11/05 -0700, you wrote:
>Hello Kurt and All--
>I think we need to clear something up. This issue of "filling" with
>sliver. You can successfully fill with silver. I, and others, have
>brazed dropouts with silver and filled the end of the stay just like I
>would do with brass. When I took Tim Paterek's class in 1988, we brazed
>Shimano verticals into slotted stays and blades and filled and filed the
>ends. They were not domed and slotted either. I still have the bike I
>made at Tim's (use it as a loaner) and it has never failed. I think a
>lot if info given on this list as fact, is given by many that have never
>attempted the process. I don't mean to criticize anyone here, but
>regurgitated info is not fact unless you have tried it and you can speak
>to its validity.
>Omar Khiel

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