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i've put together a list of materials given in Richard Talbot's book. the link is on the right side of the main page, http://bikebuilding.blogspot.com. here's the intro:

I compiled this list from Richard Talbot’s Designing and Building Your Own Framest, second edition (published 1984, 1st edition 1979). It’s at the Library of Congress as of April 2006.

Talbot was an amateur when he did the book, with I believe one frame under his belt. It’s simpler, less professionally-oriented, and more “quick and dirty” than the Paterek Manual, according to what I’ve read on the bikelist.org archives, but I haven’t read Paterek.

Fred Parr has told the bikelist.org Framebuilders’ list that Talbot got the information for his book by “pestering” Fred at his shop. Fred alleges Talbot got at least a couple things wrong in the translation from shop practices to amateur manual.

If you find this list useful, you’ll likely feel the same way about the rest of the book. I found it a great help as I’m the target audience: a first-time amateur builder with a technical head. That said, I consider it a starting point and not gospel truth.

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