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From: "Mike Zanconato" <bikes(AT)zanconato.com>
Subject: RE: [Frame] cx questions too
Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2005 09:30:18 -0400

I agree with Bob. I use 7.3 cm drop, and 72-72.5 HT angles with 4.5-4.8
cm rake. I shoot for 6 cm trail. Makes for a nimble race bike.

I go a little shorter on my forks, around 385-390 axle to crown. It
helps get the DT/HT angle closer to 60 degrees. I don't mind bending the
lug, but I would rather go to 58.5 degrees than 57.5 degrees. I also
think the shorter blades help reduce brake chatter. That could be in my
head though. I still get plenty of clearance to the bottom of the crown.

Have fun!

Mike Zanconato
Zanconato Custom Cycles

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Personally, I like my 'cross bikes to be very close to my road geometry.
I see no reason whatsoever for less BB drop on a 'cross bike these days,
I use 75-80mm. Fork length is in the 395-400 ballpark depending on how
much tire clearance the customer wants. My experience is the best
handling bikes are pretty much road frames with more tire clearance, and
a slightly slacker head angle (72.5 usually). Watch your cable routing,
so you keep cables and stops away from area's that contact the rider
when shouldering. A downtube with no cables can be nice since many
riders pick the bike up by the downtube, but that's more a matter of
personal preference.

Bob Brown

Bob Brown Cycles LLC
St. Paul, MN
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Subject: [Frame] Re: [Frame cx questions too

> Hi all, Also on the CX questions, how high do you like to make the BB?

> What drop do you use to get that height with cross wheels? Any other
> specs different than a road bike? Thanks, Kurt
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> Subject: [Frame] Cyclocross fork length question
> > All,
> >
> > For those of you who have built or build cross framesets, how long
> > do you typically make your forks (ie. the axle to crown length)? It
> > seems like most production bikes hover around 395mm. Do you also use
> > this length when building a lugged cross frame?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Tom
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