two new files (the non-metal kind)

i've uploaded a couple things i've been working on for a while. neither is complete, but both will be of help to someone designing and building a frame for the first time.

1st is a revised and appended version of Brent Hardy's bikecalc, an Excel spreadsheet that does all the math of frame design. perfect for quickly trying out design options. fun to play around in. i added a trail calculator and a simple form to determine fork rake. equations are from Josh Putnam's excellent steering geometry page.

bikecalc 1.1 (90k .xls)

next up is the parts list I've spent the past few weeks on. it's meant to be a survey of sources and costs for everything needed to build a frame, from files to flux to framesaver....oodles of data. i'm a total excel junkie. it's almost sad.
there's one sheet called A vs. B...the idea was to price a bare-bones frame and the frame i want to build, and see how much the difference would be. still working on it. this was part of my quest for funding, which has expanded to include the option of a student loan (not just for bike building, but equipment and materials throughout college).
my latest effort has been looking for sources for tools (all kinds of files, emery cloth, squares, rules, yada yada) and brazing stuff (flux and silver). at this point, McMaster-Carr has my vote, especially since someone told me their prices include shipping. and they have, like, everything, dude.
as big as this thing has gotten, there's a lot left to do, so i'll update until i'm done with it.

parts list (90k .xls)

check these out, add something, let me know what you think.

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