random links, measurements

on touring supplies:

good site for repair/build info

rough measurements
23" trunk
33.5"=850.9 mm pubic bone height
16" arm

according to http://www.strawberrybicycle.com/frames-custom.php
the average trunk:inseam ratio is 0.75; mine is 0.69, so i need a shorter top tube.
same story with the arm:inseam ratio

clipped from the same page:
select a stem length "G" noting that a rough guide is as follows: for top tube lengths "L" between 45 to 48cm. choose a stem in the range of 8 to 11cm.; for "L" between 50 and 52cm. choose "G" equal to 10 to 12cm.; for "L" between 54 and 56cm. choose a stem between 11 and 13cm. and for a 58 to 60cm. top tube choose a stem between 12 and 14cm

now i'm looking to http://www.rivbike.com/html/bikes_framesize.html
Riv 700c size: 58.5-60

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