design, 1st draft

To review:
a 700C tourer/tough all-arounder based on the Rivendell Atlantis and my current bike ('06 Bianchi San José). Cantilever brakes, clearances for 28-38 mm tires with fenders, 135 mm rear hub spacing.
I'm 5'11", inseam/pubic bone height 85 cm, ~180 lbs.

Head Tube Angle: 72°
Seat Tube Angle: 72°
Seat Tube C-C: 553 mm
Top Tube C-C: 558 mm
Top Tube Effective:
Top Tube Slope: 2.5°
BB Drop: 80 mm
Chainstay C-C: 455 mm
Fork Offset/Rake: 50 mm
Fork length along steerer: 397 mm

Trail: 60 mm, +/- a couple mm depending on tires
Front Center: 50 mm
Standover, mid-TT: mm

my concerns:
What are the weaknesses of this design?
TT length. with the TT length that seems ideal for my short arms (about 55 cm), toe-clip interference becomes a problem. My solution is a longer TT with a shorter stem, which seems like it'll work fine in theory but I don't have any experience with putting this sort of thing into practice. Maybe it's not a big deal, since we're talking about a cm here.

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