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I remember discussing with Grant the factors ... if my ever-fading memory
doesn't fail me.
This is by no means the exclusive list, just a few cents to the pot.

1. Whether the rear chainstays flare (like the Atlantis which accepts
wider tires) would call for more clearance and hence 118.

2. If the rear chainstays are straighter, then size of the chainrings you
plan to use factors in. For instance 52-42-30, then the 113 might not
clear the chainstay, whereas a 46-36-26 would.


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I am setting up a Sugino XD crank with a Shimano UN73 bottom bracket.
The Sugino specs say that a 113 or 118 spindle length will work. What
would the difference be, and what are the reasons why I would choose
one size over another?

Thanks a bunch

Todd "tapping the collective knowledge" Guess
in Columbia, MO
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