Ceeway order, almost finalized

This is intended to be all necessary small parts for about 5 frames, with some room for error, but only including lugs and dropouts for my 1st frame. The idea is that I could easily/quickly/cheaply get lugs and dropouts from Ceeway after designing each subsequent frame. This way I'll have a little stockpile of all the little specialty trinkets I can't get in the States.

The formatting isn't great. The order is:

Part no./Description/Qty
LB106 OS BB shell 30x17mm CS 1
??? R. Sachs Newvex Crown (non-stainless) 1
LT204C-4 OS 74° long pt. top head lug 1
LT204C-0 OS 60° long pt. bottom head lug 1
LT204C OS 74° long pt. seat lug 1
RE1171 70° 2-eye rear dropout (pair) 1
SLE20-2 Stainless 2-eye front fork end (pair) 1
471 INOX bottle boss M5 stainless dead-ended 40
221 Canti bridge 5
294 Rear pannier boss 10
293 Front pannier boss 10
296 Gear lever boss 10
Circles Fork blade liner 6
360 Bottle boss diamond (stainless?, for INOX?) 40
362 Seat stay reinforcement 20
J+3 Front canti boss (pair) 5
H8 Rear canti boss (pair) 5
287 Pump peg 5
LA47 Slotted cable stop for 16mm tube 10
LA46C1 Slotted cable stop for 30mm tube 10
313C Top-mount BB cable guide set 2
BP2142 Triple cable stop 6
581 Mudguard eye 10
316 16mm top eye, flat (for wrapover-style?) 4
557 Stainless seat bolt 5
448 Frame end adjusters 10
441 Bottle boss paint protector plug 6
725 Bottom bracket paint protector plug 2
723 Head tube paint protector plug 2
724 Seat lug paint protector plug 1
721 Gear lever paint protector plug 2
722 Brake support paint protector plug 3
FrameSaver J.P. Weigle's Frame Saver 1

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