drawing to do list AND fork height data

headset lower stack height
crown height
fork height

fork heights - axle to crown - with listed max. tire width where known
pulled from harriscyclery.net Quality Bicycle Products catalog
Surly LHT (touring, 42mm w/f*, 45mm w/o) - 390 mm
Surly Cross (45mm w/f*) - 400 mm
Surly Pacer (28mm w/f*, 32mm w/o) - 376 mm
Tange Hybrid - 403 mm
True Temper Alpha-Q (cross) - 395 mm
Winwood muddy carbon (cross/lt. touring; 44mm) - 395 mm
Winwood carbon cross (cross/lt. touring; 44mm w/f*) - 398 mm
*with fenders

fenders take roughly 3 mm extra clearance
i want the greatest versatility possible, so i think i'll go for 400mm fork height
plugging all my numbers into bikecalc (from Brent Hardy, email me for a copy), i get an appreciation for the scientific art of bike design; it's impossible not to compromise somewhere.  in particular, the BB shell angles are giving me trouble--the 1st measurement in specs, the angle from DT to ST--they're generally 60°, and i apparently need about 3° less.  i don't have my exact measurements plugged in yet, though, so it's still coming along.
playing with lengths and angles to compromise standover, lug angles, DT-TT interference.

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